Fatboy - Bolleke pendel - taupe

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Fatboy - Bolleke pendel - taupe

Nathalie Schellekens from Studio ONS for Fatboy.

Cordless, portable and rechargeable. Creating light wherever you like! The basic design gives all the elementary components the opportunity to fourish. For example, when illuminated, the iconic round shape resembles a pearl.

Thanks to its even contours, Bolleke creates uniform light in any space. Light is equally distributed throughout the entire lamp. A technology specially designed by Fatboy.

The soft rubber silicon buttons are subtly integrated into the design. They match the colour of the loop, which was inspired bythe hair elastics and sailing binder smart systems.

You can tie Bolleke as easily as your hair or the sail on a yacht. With three dif erent light settings, Bolleke stands out against any backdrop.

This makes Bolleke a stylish and smart light that is at home anywhere.

Rechargeable using the micro USB. Supplied with a charger and USB cable.

The housing is made from HDPE. Bollekes interior is made from ABS. The loop is a strong, flexible silicon rubber with a mat coating.

The loop comes in four colours: red, industrial green, light grey and taupe

LED 1W, 2700K
Mode 1: 24 hours
Mode 2: 15 hours
Mode 3: 6 hours

Ø: 20 cm.

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